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Tears of Mu Music Video Review

Another Tears of Mu review rolls around, and I couldn't be more excited. These healing animations usually regale the stories of humanity losing its peaceful oneness, and falling into despair, violence, and infighting, yet always concluding with a hopeful message about mankind's future and ability to return to loving and caring about each other in a unitary state. Their previous Japanese animated film expressed the ideas of sorrow and loss, depicting the Tribes of Judea on their migration to Japan and the losses, struggles, and triumphs they shared together. This time, we overview a music video that espouses the ideology of Mu, which is essentially that same ideology of oneness that practically everyone can get behind. So what exactly is their newest music video about? Let's give it a watch!

The first half revolves around portions of the animated film being played over a music video performed by a mysterious, middle-aged Japanese male named MARTH, who I presume is behind the production of these videos in general. His singing was excellent, the music didn't seem repetitive and garnered my genuine interest and appreciation. To recap, the original Letter to Isaiah recalls the story of modern Japan's founding, as the twelve Tribes of Judea tired of their endless war and conflict, and decided to set upon an instrumental migration that would change the history of the world. No matter what people believe regarding this story, I enjoy it because this narrative doesn't discount any other schools of thought, whether they be religious, philosophical, societal, or otherwise. It's a well-told and voice-acted story of love and endurance, though for more information on the original production, check out my review on it here:

However, after the captivating music video, it transitions to an interview with the individual called MARTH, where his specific beliefs are better outlined. Essentially, MARTH believes the world itself can be described as 'Eden', though that beautiful utopia has become lost to humanity given our nature of competing, fighting, and conquering each other out of greed, hatred, and power. According to MARTH, if mankind does not set aside our inclinations for separation and short-term benefit at the costs of each other, the consequences will become dire, and God's vision of a perfect world will be lost. I believe this message resonates with the world today. Even with all of humanity's advancements, plagues such as war, terrorism, economic inequality, climate change, and more are deeply affecting and destroying our chances of survival. We have forgotten the message of God according to the Letter from Isaiah movie, and my interpretation of the 'Tears of Mu' is that the Mu, which is another term for oneness, itself cries at the state mankind perpetually finds itself in.

Ultimately, I find myself agreeing with the messages of Letter from Isaiah espouses. People often mistake strength for having the ability to control and defeat others without recognizing that this only multiplies the amount of misery and resentment in the world. The Tribes of Judea followed this flawed thinking until they societally collapsed and needed to institute their migration. I must reiterate that Tears of Mu doesn't seek to convert or manipulate anyone, and that any individual of any given background can take away something valuable from it. The idea of separation causing strife, and oneness giving life and happiness is a universal constant. The way MARTH describes this message is excellent, and I deeply understood his morals the entire way through. Should you have around thirty-six minutes to spare, I highly recommend checking out the music video/healing animation here, as I cannot fully describe it in words, it's something you have to experience for yourself:

Perhaps in our lifetimes, or in any future lifetimes, we might never see the Eden God planned for us on Earth. However, that isn't a reason to despair. Another prevailing theme of Letter from Isaiah is the insistence on trying to extend your hearts with kindness, love, and respect for others- even if you're not winning in the grand cosmic game, you will be rewarded in the afterlife for living a proper existence. To be good, no matter who you are, is what I believe MARTH is attempting to convey, and I believe it's a message that more people should hear in our world today. Thank you all for reading my review, and be sure to stick around on my blog for more content coming this summer. God Bless, and have an excellent day!

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