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Death Toilet 4: Brown Snakes on a Plane Review

I'm gonna be honest.

I have not the foggiest idea what I just watched.

Death Toilet 4 is apparently the fourth installment in a long-running franchise regarding the monstrous assault of Demonic Toilet creatures killing innocent people. Luckily, our two heroic protagonists, Father Dingleberry, a valiant Christian priest, and Brett Baxter, a weathered Vietnam war veteran, have allied to stop this incursion of Satanic entities of the brown beyond before it's too late! I am not lying to you, pulling your leg, or stealing your shit (literally), this is the overarching plot of this movie series.

Marketing itself as horror taken to a new level of crap-induced chaos, Death Toilets 4 is certainly an experience to sit through. Don't enter this movie with high expectations of some terrifying thriller that somehow turns this feces-fuming concept into fifty minutes of unadulterated terror. You will be reaping from this production what you place within it. Purposefully awkward and inane editing practices, acting that makes Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' seem something produced by Tarantino, special effects that were very clearly just pngs and computer-generated images slapped together in a simplistic fashion. There is a particular scene of uncomfortable length where Father Dingleberry is enjoying a shave, before what I can only describe as some sort of poop-slaked octopus monster emerges from a mirror behind him. Anyways, this movie primarily takes place upon a plane chartering our heroes to Vatican City, where Father Dingleberry has resolved to assist mankind against the Demonic Poop Toilet menaces by training an elite squadron of Christian warriors in his skillful ways, under the sponsorship of Pope Francis himself. Things quickly go south however, and their flight is hijacked by the villainous Toilet-themed evil-doer Pottymouth, who dispatches a slew of despicable monsters from Hell to murder Dingleberry and Baxter before they can reach their destination. Despite beating back the horrendous evils that assailed them, Pottymouth seemed to have emerged the victory, successfully hijacking the Pope's private jet, and carting our beloved protagonists off to parts unknown, certainly setting up for an equally chaotic and clogged sequel.

But does this count as something objectively 'terrible?' I would not consider it so. Truly awful movies, in my opinion, are ones where the cast and crew have no heart or care placed into the material, where the director is uninterested and lazy, and where it still takes itself completely seriously. Take the Last Airbender or the Emoji Movie, for instance, two prime examples of films that attempted to take themselves seriously and tell a story based on popular culture, and ultimately becoming a horrific cringe-fest mess that very few individuals remember fondly. So in that regard: I don't believe Death Toilets Four is what one could consider 'bad filmmaking'.

You could watch with friends and loved ones, and if the idea of witnessing something you could describe as 'so bad it's good' appeals to you, or simply want to watch two actors having immense fun with their ridiculous roles as fictional saviors of the world against Toilet-themed supervillains and demons, go right ahead! I could tell that Mike Hartsfield and Isaac Golub were having an amazing time filming this poop-laden product, and their enthusiasm in their roles definitely helped carry this movie from the established genre of parodical flicks that exist solely to get rises out of people for how bad they are. This is a project of passion by director Evan Jacobs, and frankly, it should be treated as such. Ultimately, the Death Toilets franchise knows what it wants to do; make the audiences that will bear witness to its crappy camaraderie laugh and have a bit of fun.

And it certainly succeeds at that. Ten Satanic Demon Toilets out of Ten, I will be very interested to see where this movie goes and will definitely be watching the prequels!

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