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Death Toilet 3: Oh Poop!

At last, we have reached the thrilling climax of our overview regarding the Death Toilet series. A story of two men fighting against the monstrous evils of possessed waste-dispensers, with captivating special effects, a brilliant story, and cinematography that'll blow your socks off. Does this third installment grant the original trilogy of this hallowed franchise the well-deserved cinematic justice it's entitled towards? Or does it miss the mark, and dare I say... shit itself? (That was really awful I apologize). Well, let's find out in my comprehensive overview of Death Toilet 3: Doody Calls!

Firstly, this installment in the craptacular series has gone where none of its predecessor movies have gone before; that being providing an actual variety in location! Rather than just being situated in the same house for the entire film, this installment of Brett Baxter and Father Dingleberry's adventures takes us to several different locales. Obviously though, the ultimate confrontation against the feces-fueled menace always takes place in a bathroom. In fact, this movie seems to embody a natural evolution of this franchise by providing more plotlines, new special effects, and gags that frankly had me rolling on the floor with laughter. The scene where Baxter orders a soldier in Vietnam to pee into a container only for it to spray all over his person, like all glorious jokes made in this film series, came entirely out of left-field. And yet again, Father Dingleberry's inane gibberish as he contends with the Demonically-possessed porcelain furies from Hell elicited more than a few chuckles from me. I seriously wonder how many outtakes exist solely because Mike Hartsfield and Isaac Golub burst out laughing at the sheer ridiculous, idiotic fun of the story they were crafting.

Regarding the storyline, whilst it does uphold the tradition of evil toilets wreaking havoc and murdering innocents, there's also a crucial element of the plot where Brett utilizes the power of a Biblically-infused rhyme about pooing (I am not making this up) to resurrect his old priest friend from the dead to enlist his help against the devilish foe. Once again, despite this movie's insistence on embodying the 'so bad it's good' philosophy, I am surprised at the actual character development taking place between these two spoof caricatures. At first, it was Brett Baxter in need of upliftment after he was thrust into the depths of despair by Satan's army of Toilet Troublemakers, and it was Father Dingleberry who did so. Now, Brett has taken up the mantle of Toilet-Slaying, and was directly responsible from pulling Dingleberry out of Heaven, Purgatory, or wherever he truly went after the end of the last movie. It seems both of these characters have had arcs, albeit difficult to notice considering it's hidden behind the typical veneer of purposefully horrific acting, explosion effects, pooing noises, and the endless screaming. There were also the Vietnam scenes acting as Baxter's trauma subplot spliced into the primary narrative, that also revealed something pertinent to the Death Toilet canon. Brett has encountered these wanton waste infused terrors before! We see that Baxter and his elite squadron actually had special doctrines in place whenever they encountered a murderous toilet in the deathly VC-filled jungles, and even get a scene of a younger Baxter squaring off against the putrid creature. Whether this monstrous entity was indeed the same Toilet that murdered Brett's brother and countless others in its vengeful quest of world domination and malice is something I couldn't decipher. Like many parts of this movie frankly. I found it hard to wrap my head around, since the genius of Director Evan Jacobs always eludes me!

Nonetheless, Call of Doody seems to act as a fine bridge between the original trilogy of Death Toilet (undoubtedly a trio of cinematic masterpieces), and the continuation of this story as it seemingly evolves. Once again, many things in this movie, whether intentionally or no, are left ambiguous to ensure the franchise still has a future. Has the Satanic Toilet truly been slain this time? Will Father Dingleberry and Brett Baxter ever move on from their God-Given purpose and settle down? Will Brett ever get over his Vietnam-induced trauma and finally make peace with his own scarred personality? Will these movies ever stop coming out? I certainly hope not, they're always a joy to watch and review! I'd be fine with a Death Toilet 10 taking place in the far future, where Brett and Father Dingleberry are now cyborgs in Neo-California, fighting Satan's army of mechanical porcelain monsters with laser guys and freeze rays. Just an idea, anyway. But since I've already reviewed the Fourth Movie, this for now concludes my review-streak of the Death Toilet series, and until the fifth one, I'll be returning back to reviewing more mainstream pieces of media. But you can bet your plungers I'm waiting with bated breath for the Fifth installment! I rate this Ten Holy Piss Grenades out of Ten!

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