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Death Toilet 2: The Butt-Breaking Sequel

Brett Baxter and Father Marcus return in this brutal and brilliant sequel to the highly-acclaimed series about Satanic Entities hijacking our waste dispensaries and using them to slaughter us hapless humans as they so please. Indeed, Death Toilet Two, whilst keeping the campy "so bad it's good" style of its original and changing little about its plotline formula, certainly adds new elements into the mix. There was even a scene that genuinely gave me a slight spook, and it seems the main protagonists of our story are finally garnering a manner of character development beyond being the quirky fellows that occasionally fight eldritch Toilet-Demons from beyond the cosmic veil. So how exactly does this sequel square up to its bowel-excavating original? Let's find out!

For one, if you're expecting any drastic improvement or change of quality throughout this series, don't. As I've said plenty of times before, this series knows exactly what it aspires to be and reaches that mark immaculately. Moving forward though, we actually do see hints of some genuinely good character development with our primary characters of Brett and Marcus. For one, Brett has mostly abandoned the life of Toilet-Hunting after his initial harrowing experience, entering the world of gambling and race circuits as an escape from his trauma. Ironically, the Priest who initially denied any possibility of a Demonically-possessed Toilet is now the very same man that tirelessly hunts them, Father Marcus. In a funny little role reversal from the previous movie, it's now Marcus that has to reel Brett back into the business of fighting Satan and his army of wicked Hellish Shit-Eaters. This movie made me laugh quite a few times. Once more, the editing and special effects are chalked up to such a ridiculous extent that you can't help but let out a chuckle or two. Another specifically hilarious scene is when Father Marcus is trying to tempt the Demon from his cover in the toilet, and begins uttering some esoteric nonsense with the occasional Bible quote tossed in. I have no idea whether Director Evan Jacobs had that in the script or whether it was improvised, but it was so random and out of place that it caught me by pleasant surprise. All the scenes of confrontation against the monstrous Toilets, complete with terrible CGI explosions and the over-acting on part of Isaac Golub and Mike Hartsfield is just... it's always a pleasure to witness. If you're having a bad day, I guarantee you Death Toilet will make it at least a little better!

But, there is some genuinely compelling aspects of this movie as well. Father Marcus learns to not fully trust his Christian spiel, as seen with his mini-arc in which he finally decides to use Brett's gun to defend himself in a sequence that I'm not even sure really happened or not (it involves blood spewing from Baxter's mouth as he tries to strangle the Priest, by the way). This same sequence also involves the terrifying scene from earlier. Essentially, after Father Marcus is lamenting the apparent loss of his friend at the Toilet's villainous hand, Brett suddenly returns with an absent expression and bloody drool escaping his mouth, and toilet paper wrapped around his neck. It happens so nonchalantly and suddenly that it sort of evoked an instinctual fear. Of course, it quickly returns into the hilarity and confusing madness we all know and love, but for a split-second the Death Toilet movie dabbled in the art of actual fear. Frankly, if this creative team ever decided to undergo a route of actual terror even with their low budget, I'd now buy into it. However, if Death Toilet movies are all we receive for the foreseeable future, count me in!

Aside from the obvious misgivings this movie likely intentionally places on itself to give off the 'so bad its good' aura, I'd say something I wish was altered is the lack of locale variation. I'm pretty sure the bathroom they use is the same one from last time, and aside from Brett Baxter visiting the race track and driving around with Father Marcus, we really don't see much of the outside world. I suppose it's because the story is very insulated (Toilets aren't exactly mobile machines after all), but this is probably why I still enjoy the Fourth overall. We get to see our heroes fight Satan's endless Demon Toilet Legions on a plane, in the desert, and beyond! Having the characters perhaps go on a roadtrip sometime would definitely be interesting. Another thing: perhaps another main cast member? Aside from the supervillain Pottymouth in the Fourth, we're not really seeing any permanent characters in our cast, just the main duo and the occasional cameo of a side character. The dynamic between Brett Baxter and Father Marcus is hilarious and evokes a friendship we all wish we had, but it certainly wouldn't harm the franchise to add a third member into this cadre of Toilet-Hunting Heroism. If done right, I believe an expanding cast could actually improve and send this series into new heights!

Overall though, these are just my nitpicks. Death Toilet 2 still keeps the same atmosphere of insanity and comical fun that sets this franchise apart in an age of movies that either try too hard or try too little but fail at it. If you want to watch a dumb movie and take your mind off things (for not that much time either, less than an hour usually!), then enjoy yourself with some Death Toilet! I rate this Ten Christ Wipes out of Ten.

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