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Bumblebee Review

Bumblebee 2018 is a fun flick for friends and family of all ages. It bears a trademark 1980s feel and aesthetic, boasts a strong, flexible cast of actors, and finally gives us the Transformers experience audiences have been craving since the disastrous reign of Michael Bay.

The movie's plot is coherent and understandable. To summarize, a girl named Charlie has a stroke of fate when meeting an Autobot scout named Bumblebee. The two become fast friends, but later must confront the dangerous reality of this bond as both the U.S Military and the villainous Decepticons rush to claim Bee and use the information in his mind for their own sinister agendas.

An unmistakable 80s dominance permeates this movie. The aesthetic, choice of clothing, dialogue, easter eggs and more pay a constant homage to this strange yet colorful and engaging piece of American history. Too many not born in this era, it would be rather difficult to create a bond and sense of familiarity. Using expert cinematography, lighting, and other cinematic effects, the directors make the 80s feel alive once more on the big screen.

The movie champions a poignant character development arc with the main human character, Charlie Watson, whom uses her foil with Bumblebee too create bonds with others after her father's death. While I didn't personally cry a river over the more emotional scenes, they did feel touching, and brought a feeling of realistic depictions of individuals, contrasting the cynical and high-octane madness Bay seemed a fan off.

Part 2 of this review coming soon.

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