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Star Wars Celebration Sneak Peek

It's hard to find a cultural phenomenon more pronounced than Star Wars. For four decades, Star Wars has created an international fanbase, united by their adoration of a Galaxy brimming with worldbuilding and detail, characters morphed into immortal icons and becoming the archetypes for modern cinema to follow diligently. For example, Darth Vader has become one of the most revered movie villains in movie history, and often accredited with being a pioneer for the 'fallen hero' character design. Saying 'Star Wars has a special place in my heart' would be awfully generic, but it holds a great deal of truth. It was the first franchise I ever enjoyed so much I invested months of spare time in my fifth and sixth grades, reading over wikia pages of background characters and Lightsaber fighting styles (Vaapad's the best one by the way), and without Star Wars, I probably wouldn't have met a few of my best friends.

So, in honor of this Galactic testament to George Lucas's creativity, and the many actors, writers, artists, producers, cinematographers, stunt doubles, and countless other staffers that made each piece of Star Wars media possible, I'll be reviewing something Star Wars related each week for the next three weeks, starting with Rogue One this weekend, up until Winter Break, in which I'll evaluate each Star Wars film (excluding Last Jedi) in preparation for Rise of the Skywalker!

Addendum, upcoming Mandalorian Episodes, if I decide to overview them, count for this mini-series.

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