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Long Time, No See

Hello the two people who (used) to read my blog! It has been quite a while, yes? In my opinion, too long. Though again, I am a master of procrastination, so that's probably the main attributing factor to my absence. Apologies about that, many events have occurred in my life, forcing my occupation elsewhere, both good and bad. But, I arrive here now, much like the exiled government of France, sequestered in Britain during World War Two, I too find myself exiled, pushed away, and arrived onto my keyboard once more, thoughts endlessly racing.

Many circumstances have been preventing me from my passion, but today I decided once more to remain adamantly dedicated to my blog to gain followers. I know there are many written series and reviews I have to catch up on, I just recently saw Venom and must make a review on it (Hint hint: critics are wrong). Also, we must look towards the future for this blog, what other content shall I produce here? It seems so surreal, to return after such a long break. But no more passing intervals, no more months of silence and radio silence moments. I love doing this, truly I do. There's no institution of moneymaking or capitalism behind this blog, I don't want to pay Wix an unholy amount of cash per month to finance a mere hobby of mine.

What else should I write, I muse in my head? Perhaps some reviews on music pieces, or videogames, I am an avid fan of both. My interests seem relegated to digital things however, maybe someday I can review entire countries, or even foods, culinary arts have always been a side captivation of mine.

Nevertheless, friends, I'm back! Expect updates on my Transformers and Last Jedi series, finally going to conclude those arcs, and begin some new ones, mainly a two-part review on Venom and defending it from the numerous criticisms that have bashed on it, rather unfairly, in my opinion.

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