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Disney Can't Manage Star Wars

It's a sad truth that the current owners of Star Wars cannot manage the enormous property and responsibility bestowed upon them. In 2012, the Mouse acquired the world's greatest sci-fi franchise, and in 2018, they've managed to create a fanbase culture of divisive hate and political argumentation.

They've managed to ostracise their own fanbase on several occasions, and their corporate manipulation and installing their agendas into their films has only resulted in horrible products that leave the flick feeling flat and fans feeling betrayed. I'll admit, when Disney bought Star Wars in 2012 I was optimistic. Granted, I was younger and more impressionable. Looking back, if I had known what the product of this transaction would be I'd have been much more saddened.

The Last Jedi isn't a good film, at all. But while some star wars fan extremists have openly attacked actors on their social media accounts, Disney has taken the opportunity to defame each fan that dislikes even a singular aspect of the Last Jedi. Well, not Disney itself, but rather news outfits like the Wall Street Journal whom were also responsible for the Youtube Adpocalypse, the infamous event that has turned Youtube into (mostly) a pile of rubbish spewed out by fake stars.

Thing is, Disney believes dividing their fans will create a sort of intrigue, and that in the end, somehow, someway, the fandom will gravitate back towards them after being harassed and generalised, without a shred of support from the company that owns the company they keep alive.The mouse's ideology is, at the most barebones level, corporate prosperity first, everything else second. But even if Disney could be acquitted of using this model to drive it's ownership of Star Wars, they certainly aren't following it very faithfully.

It wouldn't make much sense, both in the HR department nor the corporate bigwig meetings, to ostracise your fanbase and let them be meat for the media frenzy that'd inevitably follow news of actors being harassed. Of course it's a horrific act to attack someone over their performance in a movie, which is a fictional property, but knowing the modern media culture combined with America's political climate, and Star Wars fans will be branded as racist misogynistic pigs simply because Rose Tico's actor was an Asian female.

The Mouse seeks to dominate the corporate landscape as we know it. Buying out major properties like FOX Studios or Star Wars is becoming engraved in its business model. Sadly this means Mickey doesn't truly care for the creative works he claims ownership over. To Disney, it's quantity over quality now. But Star Wars isn't a franchise you can brush under the rug so easily as a failed project and move on, because it isn't, and harcore old fans who saw New Hope with dazzled eyes and twinkling hopes in 1977 know this.

So Disney, please, start reversing your business model. If not for the star, then for your profit margins. Because soon, fans will grow disillusioned, and interest in Star Wars, your biggest owned IP, will plummet.

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