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Solo: A Re-Review

Let’s be reasonable, Solo wasn’t that bad. I think most of the complaints I had about it were derived from a widely accepted and still ongoing hate movement against Disney’s Star Wars. While this movement is not totally unjustifiable in their actions and has plenty of true Star Wars fans who wish to see the franchise achieve new heights, many members consist of dissatisfied nerds and extremists, the same ones that bullied the actor whom played Rose.

Solo’s plot is not that far-fetched, not even in the Star Wars universe. The majority of the flick takes place in Star Wars’s Outer Rim, a region of the Galaxy deprived of privileges and constantly exploited by major corporations and factions, so it’d make sense a mineral such as Coaxium, a substance capable of powering fleets, would be so voraciously sought after.

The acting still remains spot on, especially for the material and dialogue the characters are given. The replaceable character trope was sadly overused in this movie I believe, since at one point characters were being shoved in for the sake of being killed off, but that’s a more minor gripe, especially when one of the characters killed off is a Feminist-themed droid.

Overall, I believe I judged this movie too harshly in its inception. Looking back, it retains a good refinement of quality, while not up to the par of Empire Strikes Back, is surely a fun watch!


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