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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review Part 2

From where we last left off, the totally non-Mary Sue character Rey, old friends R2-D2 and Chewbacca, and Luke all have a merry time at a deserted planet. Well, it's not totally deserted. These aliens called the 'Caretakers' show up, and in deleted scenes Luke explains they're meant to tend to the Jedi structures on the planet, make sure they don't decay.

See, this is a great part of the movie, it adds onto the Star Wars mythos and builds up the lore of it. These Caretakers clearly must've been employed by the Jedi to tend to their structures and areas of religious importance, which Luke somewhat elaborates us on. However, even these characters that seem to have significance to the Star Wars lore are used for the butts for many unfunny jokes.

To spare you the trouble, basically Rey's 'training' is just Luke in awe of how powerful she is. No joke. The part in the trailers where Luke is in awe of how powerful Rey is consists an entire scene of this movie. While Star Wars requires us to suspend our belief, it still held a sense of realism, even in the Prequel movies. Actually, I think the Prequels had too much realistic space taxation politics, so yeah

But even if the Prequels had too much realism, at least they have a sort of beliveablility to them. One of Star Wars's driving factors that allows its fans to become immersed in the lore is that Star Wars's Galaxy is similar to Earth in many ways. Political turmoil, war, peace, diplomacy, etc. Even the Jedi, Sith, and Force, some of the most "magical" fantasy aspects of Star Wars have a sort of belief connected to them.

With Rey, she's just perfect in every sense of the word, and that's, well... that's poop.

Meanwhile, back at the First Order command ship, Supreme Leader Snoke is convening with his commanding officers Hux and Kylo. Both of which have proved their incompetence today. Hux is given some parting words from Snoke, and Kylo comes face to face with his master.

I can't help but feel Rian Johnson attempts to lessen the fan outrage at Episode 8 in the scene with Kylo and Snoke. Snoke states how Kylo was defeated at the hands of the inexperienced Rey and even punishes him for it, but it feels like he deliberately brought that up in response to the fans accusing Kylo of horrible incompetency and Rey of cheating the system.

Both of which still remain prevalent, just that we have confirmation Snoke is no more happier about it then we are. Good to know at least one character in this movie has some sense. Sadly, Snoke is later killed off for some cheap jaw-drops in the audience, but we'll discuss that later.

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