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April Fools

April Fools is a time for celebration, well, for some. Mainly for jokers, for the people of the more serious attitude caliber, not so much. But maybe it would be productive to delve into the origins of this holiday, and discuss what I personally believe about this day.

Firstly, April Fools was once a Pagan holiday, celebrating one of their gods. When Christianity began spreading throughout Europe, Christians began mocking the Paganists by fooling them, tricking the Pagans into believing they were receiving great gifts, but actually giving them meager items like a branch of a tree or cow dung. Obviously, it didn't end well for the snarky colonizers, but their idea of comical laughter has never faded. Now, April Fools is a trademark holiday for fooling your friends (and enemies).

Now, personally, for me, April Fools is more of an annoyance then anything. A single day dedicated to doing what average people in real life and on the internet's comment sections seem to have an affluence in anyways, peeving off others. It's very conception was made to annoy Pagans, but the sad part is, I'm not an insane Pagan that believes in a wolf-headed god and an armed with a wooden spear and bow and arrow, I'm just a regular old person living on the West Coast.

Also, whenever I want to watch Youtube videos, when I click on them, it is the opposite of what I expect the video's content to revolve around, yet another devastating example of how destructive and totally horrid this holiday is. In fact, this holiday is worse then Halloween since at least Halloween is about receiving the sweetness of candy via wearing some silly costume.

But maybe I'm getting to heated over a single 24-hour period in which you relax and have some fun. Besides, when has April Fools ever truly harmed anyone? Well, aside from the Christians, whom were burnt at Pagan stakes or cannibalised brutally...

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