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Mutiny with the Sailors

Late 1918, nearing the ending of World War One, a ragtag team of German ship staff, disenfranchised with the current political and military situations that were driving the country into ruin, attempted a coup against the Kaiser and his followers. This coup eventually snowballed into a full-blown revolution, one backed by the Soviet Union, that brought about the end of the Kaiser.

Early morning, sometime August 1918. Sevchek Mannerheim had woken from his three hour sleep, as it was now his designated shift time.

"Hey, Sev, come on. Ezekiel's gathering all the sailors." spoke Vergo, one of Sevchek's best friends. "Y-Yeah... alright." replied Sev, as he groggily stood up from his low-quality, splinter ridden mattress and walked alongside Vergo to the main command bridge of the German submarine.

Currently, the sub was docked at shore, with a small detachment of German soldiers from the Kaiser's army guarding the area to ensure a mutiny didn't happen. The German Imperial High Command saw it as an inevitable that soldiers would grow disillusioned with German war goals as the conflict dragged on, and saw it necessary to put the most loyal of loyal guardsmen at the areas with the most potential for such an outbreak of revolt.

However, the intimidating looking guards, carrying rifles and wearing backpacks full of grenades and chlorine-gas dispensers, would not frighten the numerous sailor councils on board the U.S.S "Fearless Prussian"

Sev had a sort of out of body experience, seeing the world fade around him, as his vision focused solely on Vergo. Vergo made sure the halls were devoid of anyone else, before ranting on about the Kaiser's numerous, incompetent military failures and how the war has devastated Germany. Of course, this was all white noise to Sev. He had totally different reasons for participating in this dangerous mutiny.

For Sev, he just wanted to go home. The draft had torn him from his loved ones, his wife, his son, and his parents. He couldn't give a damn about the world's political repercussions if Germany or Britain or France's societies collapsed tomorrow due to war fatigue or lack of food to consume.

Finally, after what seemed like an arduous walk through the Sahara Desert, Sev reached the quiet command bridge. Several, in total nine sailors, all in uniform, were speaking with each other in segregated groups. The ringleader, Von Kruger, hadn't arrived yet, and most feared the informants on the vessel had learned of his sailor council and arrested him.

Sev eavesdropped on some of the conversations, only to find chatter about Von Kruger's fate, or the reason he was twenty minutes tardy.

"Vhere is the Kommandant..." whispered Vergo. Suddenly, some banging and shouting alerted the group to a secondary door leading into the command bridge. Out burst Von Kruger, the ship's captain, with a pistol crammed against the head of pro-Kaiser informant.

"This rat tried to gave us up to Captain Schwartz!" roared Von Kruger, his finger clearly ready to unload a bullet into the man's head.

"Woah woah woah! Put the gun down, Kruger!" out cried Vergo, as he approached the man, both hands up. It's clear Von Kruger was an animal pinned against the wall, since the informant must have told his comrades about the oncoming mutiny for the ship captain to be so enraged.

"He's given us out! Soon, the guards outside will rush in, and we'll all be tried and executed!" barked Von Kruger. This announcement enraged the sailors, most of whom began chanting slogans encouraging for the death of this informant, whom remained silent and said nothing.

While commotion exploded, Sev returned into his dreamy state, blood rushing from his body as he released the guards, loyal to Kaiser Wilhelm outside, would rush in at any moment. Luckily for Sev, he had a backup plan.

Due to Sev being the most recent member of this conspiracy, he still had a chance to clear his name and deny involvement. The others, even Vergo, were in too deep, and Kruger was done for entirely. The mastermind of this coup, Kruger spent nearly a year gathering conspirators and coordinating tactics and strategy that'd disorient German forces at the docks.

While the room exploded into infighting, Sev slipped out of a corner and rushed down the hallways, now beginning to fill with crewmen whom gave Sev friendly greetings. Sev responded with a slight salute at the first few, but then decided to ignore them. Soon, the crewmen themselves would hear the shouting, and when the guards arrived, it would be over for Kruger and his friends.

Suddenly, a gunshot emanated from the room. The crewmen were alerted and began running to the source, as several more, in a quick succession, began brazing through the submarine. Bulletholes began popping up and some of the crewmen were shot dead.

Kruger and three other conspirators rushed down the hall and handed Sev a German Soldier's standard bolt-action Rifle.

"Come on Sev, run!" cried Kruger.

In an instant, adrenaline rushed through Sev's body like a heroin shot, as he bumbled past shocked crewmen and alongside Kruger and the trio. Vergo not among them.

Eventually, the taskforce of four made it to the main exit of the submarine, leaving the main door. Outside, two men were engaged in a shootout with six German guards.

"Return fire and take cover!" cried Kruger, as bullets whizzed past his head and collided with the steel of the submarine, forming bullet dents in its side.

Sev, having limited training in weaponry, make did, and opened fire with his rifle on the position of a German soldier, missing and only attracting attention to himself. He rushed and slapped another shell into the ammo compartment, and tried again, only to avoid a near-death experience from the German Commander in charge of countering the conspiracy's forces.

However, Kruger's marksman abilities landed him a clean shot on the Commander's skull, rendering his head a bloody mesh. However, Kruger himself was scratched in the shoulder by a lucky shot, then shot in the throat by another guard.

"Schiesse, Kruger's down!" cried another conspirator. There were about three German loyalists left, and they began rushing towards the covers of the remaining two conspirators outside. Sev and another nameless sailor.

"Hey, win some, lose some, am I right?" spoke the man, as he began cackling. In a sudden surprise, the man stood up, as in a suicidal gesture, and shot dead at least one of the German guards before being gunned down.

Sev looked at the pistol, trembling in his hands, gulping. All the past life decisions he'd never get to correct. He wouldn't even go down in the newspapers as a hero. He fought as a traitor and died as one.

Then, the guards began yelping out screams, before audible thuds rocked the wooden dock. Vergo, and two other conspirators emerged.

"Y-you made it!" Sev cried, happier then ever. "Of course I did! I don't go down without a fight!" laughed Vergo. The other two conspirators went back inside the submarine to either convince the crew of their cause, or execute them for disloyalty.

"This'll go down in the papers, and soon, maybe, this wretched war will end." Vergo said, hope in his voice.

"One day man, one day." replied Sev.

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