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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Rewritten Part 2

So, back to it! Last we left off in this alternate universe, the enraged Megatronus lunged at his brothers for disagreeing with his harsh means of garnering Energon via destroying Suns and letting the native populaces of the unfortunate planets die off in Ice Ages.

After a duel, it's clear Megatronus is the better of his brothers, this is also too establish the fact that the Fallen is an on-screen and very prevalent threat. In the original movie, Megatronus, whom in other canons is portrayed as a lean mean killing machine, just sits idly on his throne will Megatron does the grunt work, which is the exact opposite of the role that should be assigned to Megatron.

Megatronus's antics land him in trouble with Primus, the god of all Cybertronians. Primus gives some important speech with lots of jorgan and boring exposition details and sets off the Fallen to some rotting prison world where the rest of the Cybertronian rejects are shipped off too.

Megatronus is also dubbed The Fallen for his actions, which is basically just a formality since that correlates to the movie title. Anyways, we're about to see more of this tale, before it cuts back to Optimus Prime and a team of NEST soldiers aboard a large aircraft rushing towards Shanghai.

Sound familiar? Shanghai was the battleground in the original movie's beginning, where rogue Decepticons were hunted down and exterminated by NEST forces. But here, it holds some weight. Prime was telling the story of Megatronus like a fairy tale to his fellow human brothers in arms and Autobots, all of which seemed captivated by the tale.

This would further develop the implied brotherhood between the Autobots and humans, rather then just saying "oh yeah these guys are friends", and never elaborating on that concept, which I always found interesting. Humans and giant robots becoming friends, an idea not that developed in fiction aside from things like Star Wars, etc.

Moving on, the NEST Commander in charge of the operation states something like: "2 minutes to drop off", and everyone gets ready to face off against the Decepticons on the ground, especially Sideswipe.

In the movie comics, it turns out Sideswipe has an intense rivalry with one of the Decepticons being hunted in this sequence, Demolisher. This can make for some very interesting dialogue or at least contribute to Sideswipe's character a smidgen, since we all know in the regular movies, Transformers get little to no development whatsoever. Bad writing, but Michael Bay preferred to use the term "Writer's Strike" instead.

Well, I'm excited to continue this in Part 3!

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