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Most cannot imagine the strain, the struggle, the adversity of a parent. In fact, most refuse too. In our modern day society, the victories of our generation's greatest spearheading force, the parents themselves, are forgotten. Rather, our materialistic, self-obsessed society focuses more on themselves, social media allows for instant gratification of one's most basic desires, and thus the true, overarching pleasures of gratitude are lost. This isn't a preachy essay against electronics or media, it is just a request: appreciate your father and mother. Appreciation of your parents is not restricted to any religion, economic class, political ideology, or thinking pattern. It comes down to your bare-bones character. Who are you as a person, a human being, is dependent on how much you treasure your parents and appreciate their sacrifices, that they make for you, on a daily basis. Can you imagine life without your computer, your electronics that you cradle to yourself so delicately? I'm assuming the answer is no. Who granted you these things, of which your life centres around? Your father and mother. Even if you're adopted, or have one parent, or rotate from house to house, your appreciation of your parents shouldn't change. Without parents, the world's greatest minds wouldn't exist. If Steve Jobs's mother decided not to have children, we wouldn't have one of the greatest minds of the 21st century, whom ironically pioneered the creation of cellphones. Love your parents, because when they're gone, you will regret not talking to them more, or overall just being around them.

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